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About The Course

This deep dive Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is run part time over a year and has 450 hours of combined classroom tuition and directed independent study.

Hypnotherapy is both a theoretical and practical based study. It is very important for a student to not only know the information taught, but also to be able to use this information in a practical way. To this end, a large proportion of the course is dedicated to practice sessions.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive: Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and a NLP Practitioner Certificate, giving you the required skills and knowledge to build a successful practice!
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About Hilary

 With a background in Further and Higher Education, I pride myself on delivering compassionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable training which gives you a route into an exciting, new career as a hypnotherapist. I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 1995 and continue to see clients today.
You can be sure of training which relates directly to the end qualification. I will provide you with an overview of hypnotherapy techniques rather than just one rigid view of one method of hypnotherapy, claiming to be the one size fits all approach. I have a passion for teaching, for hypnotherapy and for passing on my knowledge to a new generation of hypnotherapists of excellence and I show you how effective an individual, tailor made approach is for all your clients.
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"The knowledge you have of hypnotherapy is something to strive for. It shows the love you have for Hypnotherapy and has made me love the subject more than I thought I could. I have loved and enjoyed being taught by you and will miss our time together. I have enjoyed listening to your stories and can’t wait to use everything I have learned. Thank you for your time and knowledge." - Irene, Mental health nurse
"This hypnotherapy course with you has brought immeasurable, bright knowledge, value, personal change and development and self understanding in to my life and I’m really grateful. I will never forget you. You are a very kind and dedicated professional person, teacher and human being. I am so happy that our lives have crossed and that I have learned so many things. I feel confident: I am going to be a hypnotherapist of excellence." - Vicky, medical receptionist

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Venue: The Practice Rooms, 57-59 High St, Bristol BS9 3ED

Dates and times
Course working towards The Dip Cah and the externally accredited HPD.

Times: 10.-17.30 in Bristol

7, 8 October 2023
4, 5 November 2023
2, 3 December 2023
6, 7 January 2024
3, 4 February 2024
2, 3 March 2024
6, 7 April 2024
4, 5 May 2024
1, 2 June 2024
6, 7 July 2024

120 hours face to face.

The other hours, 330 hours to be used for reading, research and completion of the HPD Portfolio and
case studies.

Price: £2675

To discuss the course give me a call on - 07887 714 892
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