Stress Management Courses

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Stress management courses in Cirencester, Bath and the surrounding areas

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Take Control of Your Stress

'The quiet mind is not to be found; to find it first stop looking around'

Hilary Norris-Evans runs Get Mind Fit and as a coach, NLP specialist and stress management specialist advises people individually or in groups how to conquer stress and achieve your peak performance, enhance your motivation, become a leader of excellence and make your emotional intelligence work for you. If you would like to arrange a meeting or a free mini taster breakfast or lunch time stress busting session contact her on 07887 714 892 or at All of Hilary's courses are tailor made to suit her clients so contact her to discuss a particular option and find out about costs.

The Work/ Life Balance or How to make Your Job a Stress Free Zone

Britain has the longest working hours and the least holidays in the whole of Europe and in 2014/15, stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of working days lost due to ill health ( 

How do we manage the work life balance and keep ourselves as stress free as possible, particularly in the current climate where many companies see stress management issues as low priority even though current legislation requires that companies have due regard for the good health of their staff?

What can you do personally to reduce your stress levels? 

  • Eat healthily, making sure you eat breakfast (80% of your brain’s function depends on what you’ve eaten for breakfast that day) and 5 portions of fruit or veg.
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise doesn’t necessarily mean pounding away at the gym; it could mean a 20-30 minute brisk walk at lunchtime, which will leave you feeling refreshed and reenergised for the afternoon or how about having a walkabout chat with a colleague? The movement will stimulate your right brain and facilitate problem solving.
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day instead of a bucketful of tea, coffee or coke. You particularly need all that water if you work in an air conditioned office and if you only drink when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.
  • Stop working to eat and take a proper lunch break. You will then work far better in the afternoon and avoid the post lunch sleepiness, particularly if you go easy on the carbohydrates.
  • Think positively about your work. If you really can’t think of one positive thing about your current job, change it!
  • Act assertively and professionally and expect respect from your boss and colleagues. Feel you have the choice whether to accept unrealistic deadlines or negotiate. Act honestly at work rather than politicking, gossiping or paying too much heed to gossip. Tell people honestly what you think but don’t moan, particularly about others behind their backs.
  • Learn how to breathe deeply, from the abdomen and take up tai chi or yoga. If you have a particular fear or anxiety at work (a recent survey showed 97% of people fear public speaking more than death!) or feel overworked or burnt out, think seriously about seeing a life coach or hypnotherapist to resolve your problems.
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Find out more about our stress management courses in Cirencester, Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas, call Hilary of Get Mind Fit today on
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