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Mind training for sport in Cirencester, Bath and surrounding areas

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Improve your physical performance

Hilary Norris-Evans runs Get Mind Fit with specific training for those who wish to improve their physical performance through mind training, which is often the difference between winning and losing. Specific mind training can help you improve your performance in the sport of your choice. Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your full potential. A FREE 15 minute consultation is available for you to take advantage of. Phone me on 07887 714 892 or email me at

Whether you play golf, cricket, football, rugby, hockey, tennis or whatever other sport, you should consider the benefits of mind training to enhance your performance.

Many clients of mine from the world of golf have testified to the benefits of mind training. Young boxers have come to improve their winning performance with me. I have had clients from the world of shooting, running and horse riding who have all achieved their full potential through getting mind fit! 2 young clients have made the England judo team and another young client got into his chosen football academy.

It is the mind that makes the difference between winning and losing.

As you train your body consider the benefits of training your mind. 

Find out more about the benefits of mind training

Now read on about the benefits of mind training for mountain bikers and the work I have done with Matt Hart of Torq Training.

The Torq Weekend; hypnotherapy and mountain bikers.

Wow! Mountain bikers certainly are a receptive bunch of individuals!

The workshops started with an introduction to the gentle if powerful art of 'mind training’ with instructions for overcoming stress and anxiety.

A second invitation came from Matt Hart of Torq Training who had heard a champion cyclist’s account of how hypnotherapy had improved his performance.

After a group session of question and answer and a gentle group relaxation, four of the group had decided to really go for it and have a one to one session with me. I was able to teach everyone self-hypnosis, a natural, useful tool to help banish pre and during race anxiety and sort out confidence and race performance issues.

I then helped train Matt's group for the team event of the cycling equivalent of Le Mans, Mountain Madness.

A word of warning however. Self-hypnosis is only as good as the person who uses it and is not a miracle cure. So, just as you need to train your body on a regular basis to achieve peak performance, so you need to train your mind regularly to accept mentally that you will perform at your peak as often as possible. In other words, use the technique or lose it! Everyone who wants to perform better should give mind training a whirl and it should really be used regularly to build up different techniques for different situations, just the same as with physical training.

For more information contact Hilary Norris-Evans of Get Mind Fit Ltd on 0788 771 4892 or email her:
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Providing mind training for sport in Cirencester, Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas, contact Hilary of Get Mind Fit today on 
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