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Easibirthing hypnosis in Cirencester and Bath

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Easibirthing hypnosis for child birth

Classes run on a regular basis in Bath and Cirencester. Individual couples are also welcome to attend privately, without incurring any extra cost.

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth can:

  • Reduce or eliminate fear
  • Produce pervasive relaxation
  • Significantly diminish or eliminate the need for medication - shorten the period of labour, by reducing anxiety at each stage
  • Help manage or control sensations of discomfort
  • Promote a steady recovery
  • Foster and increase positive emotions during the entire birth process
  • Help create an experience which has positive memories
  • Reduce the incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promote lactation for breast feeding
  • Result in a calmer, more laid back baby
For clinical evidence on the benefits of using the Easibirthing technique please check out www.easibirthing.co.uk

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear

Birth has the potential to be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives, a natural, physiological process that a woman's body is fully equipped for! Each birth is unique and Easibirthing is about empowering you to manage your individual experience, not fear it.

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf

Learning to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods help prepare the mind and body for a natural birth. Learning to use hypnosis to manage pain helps you to build your trust in your body, so you can enter labour feeling calm, confident and in control.

The power and intensity of your contractions can't be stronger than you because it is you

The Easibirthing Method helps you to achieve a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive attitude. You will change YOUR expectation of birth so that you help rather than hinder the natural process.

It's essential to bear in mind that our bodies must work well or there wouldn't be so many humans on the planet

The Easibirthing method seeks to enable you to have the active birth you want. So, whether you are planning a home birth or birthing in hospital, this could be for you. Groups or individual (with partner) sessions from 20 weeks of pregnancy. Contact Hilary today for dates and costs.
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Contact Hilary of Get Mind Fit today for further information on easibirthing available in Bath and Cirencester. Call 
07887 714 892
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