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Life coaching in Cirencester, Bath and the surrounding areas

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Life coaching from Hilary at Get Mind Fit

'From tiny acorns do great oaks grow'


Live every day as if it is your last' (Louis Armstrong)

Coaching is like sowing the seeds of greatness in you so that you can be your best ever self.

  • Your life feels stifling and small
  • You feel you have no choices in life
  • You want to get on at work but don't quite know how
  • You want to gain control of your life or you need a new purpose
  • You want to increase your confidence in some areas of your life
  • You want to get back on track because you've been derailed for a while
  • You want to manage your time really well, get focused and get organised
  • You want to line up your beliefs and values 
  • You want more fulfilling personal, social and work relationships

Life coaching helps you tap into your potential through:

  • Understanding what motivates you
  • Setting powerful, specific, personal or meaningful goals
  • Inspiring you to achieve your best
  • Lighting the flames of enthusiasm in you
  • Building your desire to achieve more
  • Helping you align your beliefs and values
  • Enabling you to see what your strengths are
  • Helping you overcome your barriers

Coaching or hypnotherapy?

Coaching is NOT hypnotherapy but because I am both a hypnotherapist and coach I have clients who come for hypnotherapy first and then carry on with coaching when they have resolved their specific issue but wish to achieve even more. Conversely, if someone comes for coaching but has a problem to resolve where hypnotherapy might be the best solution, I can help too. I can use a sort of 'hypnotic coaching' where trance work has its part, either teaching you, the client, the technique of self-hypnosis for achieving greatness, being in the zone, banishing exam, sports or performance nerves or just for relaxation purposes. Self-hypnosis is akin to power napping and by learning NLP techniques too, you can really achieve your best.

Coaching is NOT therapy but is for the worried well or those who wish to achieve more in their life


£70 for 50 minutes or £100 for 75 minutes, any time Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm. Contact Hilary to receive 15 minutes of FREE coaching so you can experience it for yourself. 

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If you're looking for a life coach in Bath, Cirencester, Bristol or the surrounding areas, call Hilary of Get Mind Fit today on
07887 714 892 
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