The Therapeutic Relationship: the single most important factor for Hypnotherapists and Mindfulness Teachers

Hilary Norris-Evans
Saturday 5th March 2022
Online - Zoom

We shall be looking at The Therapeutic Relationship in depth, including process, the core conditions, empathy, rapport, non-judgement, disclosure, deep listening skills, collusion and reflective practice and why process is far more important than content.
We will look at what the research says.
The course will be a mix of discussion, group and pair work and input from me.
We shall also examine the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness and whether the therapeutic relationship is different in Hypno/psychotherapy/counselling and Mindfulness.
Hopefully, by the end of the day, you will have a clearer idea of just how important the therapeutic relationship is and how to achieve the best relationship you can.
I am a pragmatic, passionate teacher/trainer and believe in giving you all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over my years as a hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher and trainer, so that you can be a therapist / mindfulness teacher of excellence.

Price: £130 to Central England College students and £160 to all other students.
Bookings should be made on 0121 444 1110 or


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