Anxiety and related conditions, including narcissism: Protocols, practices and ways of dealing effectively with clients

Hilary Norris-Evans
Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham

In this one day practical and enjoyable workshop you will learn:


·          The best techniques to deal with clients suffering from anxiety

·         Which inductions are best for clients suffering from anxiety

·         CBT theories and techniques to use

·         About narcissism , indecision and worrying

·         How confidence and self-esteem techniques help clients with anxiety

·         About a set of protocols for clients suffering with anxiety states

·         How to distinguish anxiety from depression

·         About questionnaires and interventions to help your clients

·         About tasking for clients with anxiety

Hilary Norris-Evans is a qualified and very experienced hypnotherapist, coach, mindfulness practitioner and teacher, trainer and international presenter who has a passion for training the ethical, competent hypnotherapists of the future. She has an enthusiastic, humorous, empowering way of presenting and training. Her own thriving practices are in Cirencester and Bath and she trains hypnotherapists in Bath, Bristol and Cirencester. She is the CEC assessor for The HPD Portfolio and her particular passion lies in helping expecting parents through Easibirthing and helping problem gamblers , with techniques she has developed( but that is the subject of another workshop. In her spare time she loves being with her very small grandchildren, enjoys voluntary work, walking, yoga, travelling, speaking foreign languages, creative writing and cinema.


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