Innovative and rapid inductions

Hilary Norris-Evans
Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham

Rapid and innovative inductions.

Do you only use a limited number of inductions in your work? Did you ever learn to do rapid

inductions? Do you think rapid inductions are not for you?

Learn how to do elegant and effective rapid and innovative inductions in your therapy work with this

practical workshop.

You’ll leave knowing how to construct a gentle way of doing rapids and of preparing your client for


The way to do this is to approach rapids gently and give your client the expectation they can do this.

It’s a matter of confidence and is not showy nor stagey.

Many hypnotherapists prefer to get by without rapids, but just think of how much time you’d have

for the therapeutic work if you had the chance to use a rapid induction.

I acknowledge my debt to my training with Atkinson Ball when I first trained how to be a

hypnotherapist and I’ve deveHilloped my own style since.

Come and learn all about rapid inductions with me. Both Elman and Erickson used them effectively;

it’s just the techniques they used were different.

You’ll leave feeling confident about using them with your next clients.


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