Helping problem gamblers

Hilary Norris-Evans
Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham

Problem Gambling: November 2008: Hilary Norris-Evans

Helping Problem Gamblers

This course focuses on an area she has extensively researched; problem

gambling, a growing issue and an additional income stream for enterprising

hypnotherapists , revealing to you how you can put together a comprehensive

programme, based on knowledge you already have, to help the increasing

number of problem gamblers. She shares with you her knowledge and

experience gained with working with gamblers and provides you with a free

CD, containing two original scripts you can use with gamblers alongside your

set of materials, which will include case studies and a carefully worded

assessment /intake questionnaire. You will discover what makes gamblers

tick, how they think and act and she takes you through how to work with this

new potentially lucrative source of new clients. Just imagine if you became

the expert in your area in this new field.

Hilary is an enthusiastic and innovative speaker, who likes to give practical,

pragmatic advice to those she is training. Not only does she have in depth

experience in her field but a lively, fresh, teaching style, honed over the

years she spent in Further and Higher Education


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