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Resolutions and decisions

It’s the New Year and our thoughts turn to resolutions. Shed weight, stop smoking, get fitter and it’s true to say that hypnotherapy can definitely help with those resolutions and our ability us stick to them.

However, I’d like to talk about decisions and why we often find it difficult to make them. We go backwards and forwards between options, not sure which one is the best, seesawing and agonising. We procrastinate to keep our options open; sometimes we put off the decision so much that we’re then forced to act in haste. Even worse, sometimes we carry on mulling over the decision we made long after we made it; wondering whether we made the right decision after all or we blame ourselves for having made the wrong one and start feeling guilty. NLP says that every decision we make was the best one to make at that moment. What is it that leads us to behave in such indecisive ways?

·         The want it all culture in society. Our values clash as we value so many things, commitment and excitement, the new and the old, staying in our comfort zone or getting out of it, so it’s difficult to choose

·         We may overemphasis the importance of some things. Do we really need to devote as much time and energy as we do to small decisions which aren’t really important anyway?

·         We want to be able to read the future and know all will work out well in the end but life isn’t like that.

 Life is uncertain; life is difficult, but that’s the nature of life. There are only 2 things certain in our life; one day we’ll die and life changes. So it’s up to you to make the best of your life. In next month’s article I’ll give you some advice on how to make decisions more effectively.

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