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Keeping ourselves healthy in mind and body

There has been a lot of media attention around that vexed subject of dementia; statistics to frighten us all on how many people will fall prey to dementia and the resources needed to cope with the crowds of demented old people in hospitals and homes. Business, service and retail organisa tions are training their staff  to recognise the signs and deal with dementia sufferers in a humane  way; new medicines are being developed and one of my  hypnotherapy colleagues in Liverpool has done research and a project on how hypnotherapy may help dementia sufferers.

What can we do to minimise our chances of getting dementia?  Even though there may be an hereditary element, we can have a lifestyle that lessens our chances of dementia .  Being active and physically fit is vital and, although I work as a life/ business coach and hypnotherapist with people’s minds, I am always aware of the mind/body connection. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a useful maxim to abide by. So as always, it comes down to the following:

Exercise, walk, run, cycle skip, swim or whatever form of physical exercise takes your fancy

Be as positive and upbeat about life as you can be: count your blessings and remind yourself at the beginning of each day of 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things that make you happy and 3 things you are looking forward to.

Speak to yourself in a kind, encouraging way. Cut the negative, berating self- talk; instead, speak to yourself the way you might to a puppy you’re training, offering  rewards  and words of encouragement.

Keep in contact with friends and family and follow the principles expressed in the famous Desiderata for a healthy mind.

Practise self –hypnosis, relaxation and mindfulness.

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