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Happiness At Work

I read a recent newspaper report about how emails were interfering with people’s ability to be productive and efficient at work. Professor Gary Cooper  from Lancaster University ,was commenting about  smart phones and tablets, showing that we can work up to the equivalent of one day a week outside work, checking and responding to emails. Thus, staff arrived stressed and tired for work, rather than alert and ready to work.  Gary Cooper is setting up a study on how emails are affecting working performance, health and family life.

My tips for happiness at work, which leads, unsurprisingly, to greater productivity

Use face to face communication whenever possible

Cut down on using the cc button when sending emails; it causes unnecessary stress to your fellow workers

As a leader mix in a lot of praise with constructive, rather than destructive criticism

Make your meetings  shorter; consider whether standing up for short, sharp meetings might work

Take a break from electronic equipment. You can only concentrate for 45 minutes maximum at a computer anyway. Get up for a glass of water ( rather than a coffee) or a smart walk around the office( where you might engage in some face to face communication and get some real decisions made).

Have an electronic free zone in your bedroom at night; no blue light, which stops you sleeping. This includes TV, tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Practice mindfulness or self- hypnosis before sleeping.

Learn about power napping, self –hypnosis or the 3 minute mindfulness breathing space.

Consider your best time for tackling challenging tasks.

Exercise at lunchtime; a walk or a run or cycle ride will leave you refreshed for the afternoon.

If you are in a small business or are a sole trader, consider what you need to delegate to others.


Hilary Norris-Evans runs in company courses in mindfulness, stress management and how to encourage, coach and lead your colleagues effectively. She also works one to one with anyone, from children to the retired in how to manage their lives more effectively and has a range of different   methodologies, taken from the world of Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Stress Management. She works with Mindfulness Now to bring Mindfulness to the world of work. She would be happy to come and talk to you about any aspect of their work you would be interested in from stress,  weight and size, anxiety, performance enhancement or the gentle  art of relaxation.

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