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Coaching: Be Your Own Boss

Here are a few coaching tips for Spring, the best time to make resolutions , far better than New Year.

If you consider that you are the boss of your own life it means that you can change something you don’t like, rather than moaning about it. You are the one who can do something about anything you don’t like. Don’t get stuck in a situation; just change it or walk away. Ask yourself what it is that you really want; what is it that works for you? Stop comparing yourself to others, ‘ For always, there will be others who are better than you.’

Be a work in progress to constantly develop yourself and improve your confidence. Know what your strengths are and build on them; sometimes get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Accept you can’t be good at everything

You have the power to change your thoughts because the feelings we have are created by what we think and even more important, what we focus on. It‘s called thought management and when you master the technique, you’ll start to think more positively more of the time. There are lots of useful techniques that a good coach or hypnotherapist can teach you. To help you conquer automatic negative thoughts.

Learn to manage your stress just the way you do your thoughts. That’s called stress management, of course. There are lots of ways you can do this. I’ve told you quite a lot about this area in previous articles. Be kind to yourself; don’t overload yourself either with too much work, too much bad food or too much adrenalin. Don’t be over critical of yourself and don’t over push yourself, unless you’re an elite athlete. Be less critical of others too.

How do you learn all this? As I said, with a good coach or hypnotherapist.

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