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Change is in the air.

Life is all about change and there’s certainly been alot of it around just recently. Brexit, Donald Trump, the Market Place in Cirencester, to name but three! I’m not sure who said that the only two things in life that are sure are death and taxes, but they were wrong. All we really know for certain is that life changes and then we die. However, we are creatures who resist change. We like the familiar; it is as if it is hard wired in us in our genes. We get stressed around change and try to resist it.

Churchill maintained that if you do not shake change by the hand it will grab you by the scruff of the neck. Change in a work situation is particularly bad when it is imposed on us from above without any consultation, as if we didn’t have a choice, have nothing to add and are not asked for our opinion on the change to the debate. ’My way or the highway’ is a frequent refrain of new bosses, teachers and parents .

How about embracing change as inevitable? The trees seem to have accepted losing their leaves with grace and dignity, ready to hunker down for the Winter, knowing that Spring is just around the corner. Change is the natural order of nature and nothing stays the same forever. So, in this festive season of old traditions and continuity, let’s remember that even before Christmas the days will have started to get longer again.

I wish all my clients, supervisees and students a very happy, peaceful and restive festive season.

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