Training & Supervision

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Training and supervision for hypnotherapists

Training for future hypnotherapists

Hilary is a qualified teacher, experienced hypnotherapist and Director of The Bath/Bristol/Cirencester/Cheltenham branch of The UK Academy. This is an 11 module course, run over 10 weekends. One day a week fast track courses start throughout the year. For details of the course or to arrange an interview please contact Hilary or go to to find out more about the course.

New course starting at the beginning of 2017. Contact us for more information.

To download a full prospectus, detailing all course requirements and the curriculum please click here.

For an application form and new prospectus, please contact Hilary directly on 07887 714 892 or email her at
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Supervision for New and Practising Hypnotherapists

Hilary is a qualified and certified hypnotherapy supervisor. She supervises new and practising hypnotherapists on a one to one or group basis; either face to face or by Skype and phone. She also runs action learning for groups and workshops for her colleagues including action learning in rapid induction, NLP techniques, exciting new courses exploring confidence and self-esteem and Ericksonian hypnotherapy in depth, and specialist training, enabling hypnotherapists to tackle problem gambling.

Peer Group Supervision

If you are an experienced hypnotherapist, you may be eligible for our peer group. We meet on a 2/3 monthly basis. Contact Hilary for further details.
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Take a look at our other website - Get Mind Fit training for more information on training and supervision for hypnotherapists, alternatively call Hilary of Get Mind Fit on 
07877 714 892
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