Help For Problem Gamblers

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Help for problem gamblers, call Hilary in Cirencester and Bath today

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Hypnotherapy treatments for gambling 

Hypnosis can help you regain control over your life and it will give you a set of techniques to use so that gambling becomes a past issue. You can use visualisation and self-hypnosis to help you overcome this bad habit for good.

No longer do you need to think of yourself as a gambler or a recovering gambler but you can start to reframe and think of yourself as an ex gambler. As someone with a gambling habit you are already very good at trance work and visualisation; well, you would be, wouldn't you, to imagine yourself winning all that money, so you are going to use something you do naturally anyway to help you overcome that pernicious habit.

Read all about hypnotherapy, you can call me to have a free 15 minute consultation or to take place, free of charge, in a small scale research project being set up in Wiltshire to establish just how suggestion therapy alone can help problem gambling. Contact Hilary today.
Gain help for problem gambling through my hypnotherapy treatments in Cirencester, Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas, call 
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